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Need suggestions to create Shared up link .

Occasional Contributor

Need suggestions to create Shared up link .


i am very new HP Virtual Connect and I am trying to fix a non HP recomended setup .


The purpose of this :


Currently our network is like this


FlexA/B -> HP 6125/XG-A/B>- cisco-A/B : its using UPlink set  "Trunk_6125GX"

the plan is to Remove HP 6125/XG-A/B


Flex-A/B -> Cisco-A/B : Uplink set "Cisco-7150 Uplink"


the question i want to ask is :



a)if i create Same VLAN  in " Cisco-7140 Uplink"which is defines in under Trunk_6125GX and move one server from Trunk_6125GX to Cisco-7140 Uplink


will it work ??


b) do i have to keep on eye any spceial routing?


c) Can i create multiple Uplink set for same  Bay example, currently I have Bay1 and Bay2, and  "Trunk_6125GX" uplink is using those 2 Bay,

now can i create new uplink set "Cisco-7140 Uplink" for same Bay and Bay2 ??



if you need i can share network diagram ,

please let me know, its very urgent.



VC model : HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Module