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New Brocade 8/12c switches gives error at cli fabosShowInit failed: -1"

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New Brocade 8/12c switches gives error at cli fabosShowInit failed: -1"

Terri was having a customer problem:





Hello all,


ERROR: fabosShowInit failed: -1


New 2 x 8/12c in ic bay 5 & 6 where you can access the Brocade cli from the OA cli but not run any Brocade command except for "Help". Valid Brocade commands return the error "command not found" or "fabosShowInit failed: -1"


C7000 up & running for almost 2 years, Brocade interconnects are new.


Most of the mezz cards are in the correct slot (3 are mismatched). Originally there was 2 x  4GB VCFC modules in bay 5 & 6 and it was working. In VCM the VC SAN Fabrics are still configured. We cannot remove the VC SAN Fabrics until an outage can be scheduled.


1. Could the current VCSAN Fabrics configured be effecting the functionality of the 8/12c Brocade switches?



- physically reseated both 8/12c switches

- physically reseated the one OA (3.00) and the OA tray

- power-cycled switches repeatedly


VC-Enet modules in ic 1 & 2 are working fine. So is the 4 GB FC Pass-Thru modules in 7 & 8


- flashed OA to 3.10 -> no change except generating OA reporting problems and iLO not responding because some blades only at 1.77 iLo fw.


Any help?




Terri then responded that things had worked out:




RESOLVED: Once we were able to delete the VC SAN Fabrics, the Brocade switches functioned properly





Have you had this problem? Any suggestions or best practices when adding new SAN switch modules?