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NIC Teaming windows 2012 with Virtual Connect (VC)

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NIC Teaming windows 2012 with Virtual Connect (VC)

Basel was working with a customer:




Hello Experts,


Do we have any best practice configuration for NIC teaming on windows 2012 when used on blade enclosure with VC installed ?


I have a customer who have blade Gen 8 servers running Hyper-V clusters and SQL cluster.

Sometimes He is facing network dis-connectivity between the cluster nodes however the server is pingable ( nodes cannot communicate with each other)

Once he disable the teaming network goes ok ?




Reply from Angel:

If the team is not going to be connected to an Hyper-V switch, Virtual Connect does not support aggregations on server ports and the team must be defined as active/standby.


If the team is going to be connected to an hyper-v switch, you can define it as active/active, but failover policy must be selected as Hyper-V




And from Kevin:

Configure you Windows 2012R2 Team with the following characteristics.


[Teaming Configuration] - Windows 2012 Native Teaming Switch Independent Address Hash Standby Adapter Defined


[Disabled NIC Options]

Receive Side Scaling

Large Send Offload Version 2

Recv Segment Coalescing

Virtual Machine Queues




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