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Question on rebuilding a VC Domain

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Question on rebuilding a VC Domain

Mohamed had a customer question:




I have a question please regarding a Virtual connect…


I have one customer that he has a C7000 with VC module, in a first time he did a configuration with a static MAC/WWN address and started  the production systems…


Now the customer is asking an action plan how to switch to a virtual MAC/WWN.


After some brainstorming with colleagues my though goes to remove the current domain and redo everything by setting a virtual MAC/WWN option (networks, profiles,..etc).


Can you please tell me if this is the right way to make such of reconfiguration?


Many thanks for your support




Input from Vincent:

Just delete the server profiles. That’s enough to be able to change the MAC and WWN settings, no need to delete the domain.

The addressing type (factory-assigned or VC-assigned MAC and/or WWNs) can be changed if you have no server profile in the domain.  The definitions of the networks and SAN fabrics are totally independent of the addressing type.


Reply from Terri:

I just did it with a Virtual Connect 3.51 and YOU ARE RIGHT.


With all server profiles deleted and (1) no Ethernet networks and (2) two SAN fabrics defined, VCM allowed me to launch (from the CONFIGURE pull-down menu):


Ethernet Networking Settings: Successfully changed from physical to virtual

FC Settings: Successfully changed from virtual to physical


I’ve seen in the BladeFieldSupport PDL in the past where answers have been “gotta delete the domain and start over”.


Vincent is right, you don’t have to. You do have to delete all server profiles.


From Dave:

You would still need to rebuild the Networks, SANs and profiles.

 Capture a backup and it may save you some rebuild time…




Other comments or questions?


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Re: Question on rebuilding a VC Domain

This just shows how inflexible Virtual Connect really is. Why not support both modes and have the ability to make the choice of factory/virtual IDs on a per-profile-basis?