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Re-cabling C7000 without outage question

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Re-cabling C7000 without outage question

Diego had a question regarding how to upgrade cabling on a c7000:




Hi folks

               We are planning to break the Stacking links between enclosures (CX4 cable) and convert X1 as an 10GB uplink.

After various peer review, we have different points of view related of 2 main points:


1)      Step by step to make this change without outage (physical and VCM)

2)      How this affect to others stacking enclosures in the same VC domain and what we can do before to avoid problems.


Does anybody did this type of change and want to share his experience?








Response from Hoa:




  1. Install extra enclosures stacking links.     Single or double stacking?    Using DAC as stacking?    Support cable AND VC FW in place?
  2. Physically add alternate uplinks + switch ports turn on, LACP set?
  3. Point uplinks to new non-CX4 ports in VCM, verify traffic –Good.
  4. Remove CX4 uplinks from VCM.
  5. Yank CX4 last.



Other input?


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Re: Re-cabling C7000 without outage question

Dont sure what you really want to do, if i understood your, you want to remove de stackinglink CX4 to use the shared SFP+ X1 port as uplink.


Why you don't just add a sfp+ module in port X4 and leave the CX4 X1 stackinglink connected?


I think you got the follow external cable stacking configuration:


enc0:bay1:x1 connected to enc1:bay1:x1

enc0:bay2:x1 connected to enc1:bay2:x1


if so...check in VCM the stacking-link configuration and if its in redundant state.

if its redundant you can remove ONE stackinglink at the time


if you want keep redundancy while this move, you can add extra stackinglink cable on every port, please note X7,X8 are used for internal stacking. If you add a connection between to modules it will auto see the extra stacking link.


check after every action the domain status and stackinglink status in VCM