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Replace FC pass-through modules with Virtual Connect-FC

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Replace FC pass-through modules with Virtual Connect-FC

Oliver had a customer upgrade question:




Customer wants to replace his FC pass-through modules with VC-FC, VC-Eth already installed. Is it possible, that we use after the replacement the HP predefined WWNs?


I guess that should work that way:



·         Unassign server profiles


·         Swap modules


·         Change from factory default to HP defined WWNs


·         Assign server profiles


·         Change zoning


·         Finish


Have I missed something or is it the right way?




Input from Sunny:




You also need to ensure that the external switch port to which you connect VC-FC uplinks supports NPIV and that it is enabled. With pass-thru there is only one login per port (unless you were using NPIV on the server), but with VC-FC there will always be more than 1 login to the external FC switch.




And a reply from Chris:




There would be no need to unassign the server profiles as long as the Blades were powered down, the Profiles could be edited.

If the WWN names were override to native on each individual profile, the zoning and storage presentation would not have to be changed immediately.

Provided they are doing soft zoning (by the WWN not the port) and as mentioned earlier NPIV is enabled.


These are the steps I would do.


Make sure an IP address is assigned to the Inteconnect Slots receiving the VC-FC modules.  Pass thrus do not require an IP.


Power off all the Blades.


Swap the Pass-thrus for VC-FC modules, connect to the FC switches.


Do the firmware upgrade to ensure the VC-FCs are at a correct rev to support the VC modules. It may be prudent to use this time and upgrade all the VC modules to the current firmware revision 3.70, unless they are 1/10s then 3.60. Use the parallel option on the VC and VC-FCs since the Blades are powered off and this will reduce the upgrade time.


Run the SAN configuration and select the WWN range that is going to be used, create both the SANs (SAN_A, SAN_B, or  something), add the ports to the FC switches, remembering not to cross them. VC-FC3 to FC Switch A and VC-FC4 to FC switch B.


Edit the profiles to add the new ports, use the override option to keep the burned/ native WWNs.


At this point the Blades can be powered back on and they should see their existing storage without andy zoning or storage presentation changes.


Switching the WWN in the profile can be done one Blade at a time, power off the Blade, edit the profile deleting the HBAs, add them back in not selecting the WWN override. This will give it the new WWNs from the provided range, apply the profile to get the WWNs, change the aliases on the FC switch to reflect the new WWNs, edit the storage to reflect the new WWNs and power up the Blade.


This would make backing out much easier and keep from doing too many changes at once.




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