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Replace VC Flex-10 interconnects

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Replace VC Flex-10 interconnects

Azhar was looking for some advice:




Hello Team,


I am having trouble location instructions on how to replace bad VC Flex-10 Interconnect.  C7000 has two VC Flex-10 Interconnects, and one of them is not working anymore. So need step by step instructions on how to keep the config in tact and replace the flex-10 module with new one.




Chris was there for Azhar:




Replace the failed module, and insert new module.  Verify the new modules firmware matches the domain (upgrade if necessary.)  That's it.  VCM will replicate the configuration to the new module, and if it is the redundant module for VCM it will replicate the domain database to it as well.




Alexander also had some advice:




Hello all!


A little comment - once when I was replacing VC E-net module Blade c7000 enclosure lost its serial number and VC Domain stucked.

I manually entered Serial number of enclosure and backuped domain from a file. That solved problem.






Any other experiences you have had when replacing modules?