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Reset Virtual Connect to factory defaults

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Reset Virtual Connect to factory defaults

Brian had a case where he wanted to reset the Virtual Connect modules:




I have a customer who inherited two C7000 chasiss from another project.


One chassis we can't obtain the username and password to virtual connect manager are there password reset instructions (we don't care about the config)?   


The other chassis we can log into but VCM thinks an IP that we don't have is the VCM.  I am wondering if this chassis was under the control of VCEM.  Is there a way to reset them to factory defaults? 




Lee replied:




You can fully reset the Virtual Connect modules by moving the modules in interconnect bays 1 and 2 to other slots in the same chassis.  After the modules have been reset, move them back to slots 1 and 2. 




Dave also had some advice:




You can also do the 'Clear VC Mode' in the OA ‘Reset Factory Defaults’ screen. This may clear the second issue.






Any other comments or suggestions?