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Server Profile Ethernet Adpaters Not Mapped

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Server Profile Ethernet Adpaters Not Mapped



I was under the impression that I could create up to 4 virtual flexNICs with virtual connect?

I have 2 x LOM adapters, these are connected to bays 1 and 2 via Cisco C3020 switches.

I have 2 x MEZ2 Adapters (NC542 10GB) and these are connected to 2 x flex-10 modules.


I created the Ethernet Adapters for PROD LAN in my server profile and these corretly map to MEZ2:1 Bay5:d1 and MEX2:2 Bay6:d1 but when I create ISCSI_A and ISCSI_B adapters these show as "Not Mapped".


How do I map the adapters into FlexNics as I find no way to create the mapping in virtual connet manager?



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Re: Server Profile Ethernet Adpaters Not Mapped

I am really struggling to get network connectivity.

Hopefully sombone can offer advice?


I have 4xBL460c blades each with the following:

LOM NC532i Dual Port 10GB multifunction Adapter

Mez2 NC542m Dual Port 10GB Adapter


I have Cisco 3020 switches currently located in Bay 1 and 2.

I have Flex-10 Modules currently located in Bay 5 and 6.


My aim was to connect the LOM NC532i adapters to the cisco 3020 switches for 1gb connectivity until we are able to upgrade in the future but also use the Mex2 NC543m adapters to connect to the Flex-10 modules today to connect to our external SAN, and some virtual flexnics for interblade comms (this is a hyper-v cluster).


Everything I have tried so far I am unable to map any more than 2 Ethernet Connections to the Mez2 adapters (and they always show up as Bay5:d1 and Bay6:d1)


Would it work if I swapped the C3020 bays from bay 1-2 into 5-6 and the Flex-10 bays from 5-6 to 1-2?


Thanks... very confused :-(