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Several VLANs in Trunk not working out of Enclosure

Occasional Advisor

Several VLANs in Trunk not working out of Enclosure


we have following setup:

OAs: FW 4.70 / VCs: 4.50

each VirtualConnect w/ 2 uplinks (x1/x2) - tunneled to ESX hosts and 1 uplink (x3), where the networks are tagged within VC. All uplinks are trunks with all available VLANs (i.e. 300-399, 400-499).

Tunneling (x1/x2 LACP) to ESX and tagging at dvSwitch works perfect. Networks created in VC using trunk of x3 have been working well for years, however now we found that some 4xx VLANs are not able to communicate with host outside C7000. Within C7000, host are able to communicate with each other over the 'faulty' VLAN.

We checked the network part already without any issue. We rebooted both VCs already without any success.

We have 12 identical C7000s with similar setup and only one has issues.

Any idea???