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Some info on using The Virtual Connect Support Utility (VSCU)

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Some info on using The Virtual Connect Support Utility (VSCU)

Steve was looking to update some Virtual Connect modules:




Just a query.


I was unable to find a way to target a specific module with version 1.6.0.  Why was this functionality removed?? 



vcsu -a update -i <IP> -u <USER> -p <PWD> -l <FILE>

[-f <FORCE>] [-vcu <VCM USER> -vcp <VCM PASS>] [-oe <ORDER>] [-of <ORDER>]

[-q] [-we <DELAY>] [-wf <DELAY> ] [-cp <CFG PASS>] [-s <PORT>] [-e <PORT>]


I had a module that had really old FW on it and I needed to install 1.34 first and jump it up to current revision.  Using 1.6.0 I would have had to “downgrade” all the other modules (which was NOT going to happen) and then upgrade all of them.


I was able to do what I needed with 1.5.2 but the install does not like 1.6.0 being on the system.  I had to “save” the files for 1.6.0 and create everything manually in order to have both versions on my laptop.




From Vincent:




Yes it was removed to avoid a firmware discrepancy situation. When you need to upgrade one module to put it in sync with the others, you can run vcsu normally and it will notice which module(s) need an upgrade and it will upgrade only those.




Also from Alex:




You should never have to perform intermediate updates to get to the current version. There is no requirement to do so. You can go from any version to any version without restrictions.


As Vincent said, if you need to bring module up to a newer version that is already running on the Primary VC modules, all you have to do is run VCSU as you would normally to upgrade the domain. VCSU will pick out that module out of the bunch and upgrade it.


For example, all of your Domain is running 2.34 and you have an older module with 1.31. All you need to do is execute VCSU like this:

vcsu -a update -i <IP> -u <USER> -p <PWD> -l <vc_2.34_firmware_file> -vcu <VCM USER> -vcp <VCM PASS>


Same goes for downgrades if you need to downgrade a single non-Primary module.




Any comments or suggestions?