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Stacking Copper to Fiber VC modules

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Stacking Copper to Fiber VC modules

Joe had a customer question:




  • C-Class chassis - We're looking to add a couple of coppers to the chassis in conjunction with the Fiber Flex10..  Do you know if that's possible with adding a couple of 1/10GB VC modules and jumping the CX4 cables to have them on the same VC domain?



Reply from Vincent:

And if this is not multi-enclosure stacking as you seem to indicate you want to put the 1/10 modules into the same enclosure as the Flex-10 modules, not only you could but you must put cables between the Flex-10 and the 1/10 modules to satisfy the rule that all the VC Ethernet modules in a domain must be connected via stacking links. You can use the CX4 ports or any other kind of cables that would work on both sides.


And from Hoa:

Are you referring to MES, Multi Enclosure Stacking, or mixing VC 1/10 Modules in VC Flex-10/FlexFabric Domain?   A supported configuration.    You may want to consider VC firmware 3.60 is the last supported firmware version for VC 1/10 scheduled to be EOL in Sept 2012.   In case you need more on MES use this link èVirtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Reference Guide.




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