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Storport driver question

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Storport driver question

Stephen had a Storport driver question:




Getting a question about how to determine the version of the Storport driver running on a system. All as it relates to doing Blade Firmware and Analysis for a customer.


Seems like you could be running the driver from a variety of sources: Microsoft, HP, HBA vendor. Can you look in the Device Manager and properties for the HBA driver to get the version?




Some good feedback:




Thao replied: 

Hi Stephen,


If you using a Brocade Switch, you can use the "nsshow" command to get the HBA firmware and driver version.


Otherwise, the output of HPSAN or MPSReports files on the Operating System. If applicable I believe HBanywhere also yields this information.


Then Mark joined in: 

Storport.Sys is a driver from Microsoft. No other vendor has access to tinker with the source code, or provide an oem version.


This means it lives in c:\windows\system32\drivers for all releases and you can get the file version from it. I would suggest using HPSReports to do this and looking in Installed.txt (look in notepad and ctrl-f to “storport”) or just interrogating the file individually (right click properties, then version tab).


When oem’s talk about minimum versions of Storport.sys in their release notes they mean you need to go to KB article at MS website and download it. Unfortunately Storport rolls sometimes (admittedly less frequent than it used to be) and the version a particular vendor stipulates has usually long been superceded (e.g Emulex). That means get the latest, not the one vendor asks for, if the latest is a higher rev than the vendor’s suggestion.


And finally to answer’s Steve’s specific question about inside device manager, no you cannot see Storport.Sys from there. However, people also use “Storport Driver” to mean the actual HBA driver (even though that is incorrect usage) given in some Windows versions there is a version of the HBA driver that conforms to SCSIPort.sys (older model) and also a different build of the driver for the Storport.sys stack. Getting the HBA version can be done via device manager, but getting the Storport.sys driver version cannot.




Hope this helps. Any other comments or questions?


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Re: Storport driver question

Additional info from Hoa:




To determine STOR port mini Drivers for Storage and Network on Windows systems look for “Survey.html” file.    


To gather fresh new version:

  1. Start > Programs > HP System Tools > HP Online Insight Diags..required SMH logon.
  2. Repeat step one again after logon to SMH, click on “Survey” tab, change drop down “View level” to “Advanced”, “Categories View” to “All”, click on “Save” button lower right hand.    If lost  file save location -Search for “survey.html”.   
  3. Look under “drivers” section or search on key word, pay attention to:

          a. Installed MS Hot Fixes  KB number as release note for PSP required.

        b. Running vs. Stop version.