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Suggested Private cloud build for DR Site


Suggested Private cloud build for DR Site

Hi every one,  need your suggestion to design our private cloud which has the following parts:




1- HP C7000 encl, with 6 Blade 620c G7 each with 96 GB RAM , and dual NC553i ports 10 GbE which can be caved to 16 NIcs per each server alongwith 2HP flex-10 Ethernet switches , 2 MDS 4 GB interconnect FC switch




2- the SAN we are using is the EMC unified storage NS-120

3-We have purchased EMC recoverpoint/SE for a sync replication in which will integrated with  Clarion array splitter based to do VM replication between our two sites  in two different countries



4- We have purchased Vsphere 5 enterprise plus

5- we have purchased SRM 5 for site recovery and failover

6- Vcenter 5




7-Two upstream Cisco switches 4506 with 12 SFP+ to uplink into 2 Flex-10 (6 rach)


Your suggested design is most welcome about :


- How to design network in term how many nic to be assign for VM roles like , console, vm,vmotion, FT as best practise

- what is best practising for SAN design

- How we ensure the reslience connectivity to shift VMs between two sites that connected through two MPls WAN connection

- what is most points i need to be aware from the design netwok, storage, resliency prespective.




Re: Suggested Private cloud build for DR Site


Hope this link provides answers to your question:






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Re: Suggested Private cloud build for DR Site


Thanks Vijayasarathy for your contribution , but it will nice if og got a little design detaiils for such the same material i have.



@TVVJ wrote:


Hope this link provides answers to your question:






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Re: Suggested Private cloud build for DR Site

BL620G7 has 4 10G CNA ports built-in so you have lots of bandwidth. You really don't need all 16 FlexNICs. typically 8 FlexNICs will be enough. You can create all 16 up front and assign vlans to 8 of them first and add vlans to other FlexNICs in the future.


best 2 docs to help you is

1. VC Flexfabric cookbook(forget about FCOE part, ethernet part design is the same, please check VC active/active design for vshpere section)


2. Flex-10 with Vshpere4.0


I have doc pointers to these two docs at my blog


since you are using Brocade FC switch, you design SAN just as you design regular Brocade SAN switch. Brocade should have more advice on this one. Where are your FC mezz card? I don't see you mentioned in the list.


For two sites DR, it's up to your network layer to provide layer2 extention, they can use mpls l2vpn other layer 2 extension technology. That's beyond VC and c7000 visibility. It's up to how your 4500 is connected to WAN.


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