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Tool available to measure throughput from VC to SAN Switch?

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Tool available to measure throughput from VC to SAN Switch?

Pierre was looking for a tool to measure SAN throughput:




I have a customer that needs to know if there is a tool that exists, that can monitor throughput performance from the Virtual Connect Manager FC module to the Storage Switch, in this case it’s a Brocade Storage Switch 5300 Fabric o.s. 6.2.0 G.

They have been noticing performance degradation while running some Database applications and Backups, the hosts are BL465CG5 running ESX.

They are also using Emulex HBA’s and connecting to EMC San, they are looking for our help to isolate the issue.




Andrea provided some info:




You can monitor SAN ports throughput form the brocade interface under Perfomance monitor.


Alternatively you can try with a MIB crawler ( and see if the VC-FC (I'm certain that the VC-Eth/Flex10 does) supports SNMP and find the correct OID that tracks Octects Out and In.

Maybe you have to point at the IP of the VC-FC module.




Any other input? Have you done this before and gotten good results?