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Two enclosure VC Domain subordinate module question

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Two enclosure VC Domain subordinate module question

Chad had a Virtual Connect question:




I don’t have the environment to test this but I wonder the result of my question would be. If you were to move the subordinate modules from the secondary enclosure Bays 1 and 2 to the primary enclosure in Bays 1 and 2, would those modules then reset to factory default because they have been moved just like moving them to any other bays would reset them?




The discussion:


From Chris:

It should work.  You will need to go into VC Manager and remove the module from the originating bay from the VC Domain Configuration (go to the Interconnect Bay view, select the Bay ID, and there should be a Remove button only AFTER the module has been physically removed.)  You may also need to do that for the peer VCM module.


Reply from Chad:

But what if you can’t get into VC Manager because of the SOAP user issue they may be experiencing?


From Mark:

To answer the original question, Yes, because the Serial # of the Enclosure will not match, it will be marked Stale, so it would default to Un-configured.


The “Remove” button was a old way, it hasn’t been there since 3.x I think.

My guess is Chad doesn’t care about the state of VCM on the secondary enclosure because he is pulling out both brains.

So just remove them, clear VCMODE on the OA and that secondary enclosure can be deployed with different modules VC or non-VC


Reply from Chad:

Yep, OK, all makes sense now.




Any other input?