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Unable to connect to Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)

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Unable to connect to Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)

Avi had a customer problem in connecting to the Virtual Connect Manager:




Hi all,


I have c7000 with Virtual Connect Flex10 and Brocade switch’s.

When I run any VCSU command ( resetvcm,healtcheck,update) , I get the following error “Unable to connect to virtual connect manager.”

I can reset the Virtual Connect Manager  from the GUI + failover. Everything looks fine with the  Flex10 and the GUI.


Right now I can’t update the flex from 2.33 to 3.01, because of the error.


Any Idea’s ?




Angel had some ideas:




Just finished working with a customer with the exact same issue.  Check your firewalls, network acls, etc.

As a quick troubleshooting technique, try  Telnet, SSH or Putty to the VCM ip address.  Do you get a

response?  If not, it’s network related.  Here’s what my customer had to say –


"Mystery solved.  I can SSH now to the OA.  The freakin' port was block by a router ACL on that subnet.  ARGH!!!!  xxxx updated the ACL rules a minute ago and now the firmware update is working.  


Thanks for your help. I guess I learned that it’s best to ask your network admin if any ports are being blocked from your internal source and destination addresses before getting too far along."




Any comments? Does this help you? Have you seen this problem?