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Updating Firmware on HP Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet Modules

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Updating Firmware on HP Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet Modules

Mark had a firmware update question:






I need to update the firmware on a Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet module and because of security issues cannot use the serial method suggested in the User's Guide. I do have an HPUX server acting as an FTP server that I can use. As a matter of fact, I have used this HPUX server to update firmware on Brocade 4/12 Fibre switches with great success. Of course there is a firmware bundle specific for Unix under the downloads section for the Fibre Channel switch. When I go to the downloads page for the Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet switch, I don't see a bundle for Unix, but do see several for RedHat and SUSE. I am thinking I may be able to just grab the bundle for RedHat 4, load it onto my HPUX server, unzip/untar it and then point the update (via the web interface from the Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet module) to the directory on the HPUX server.




Lee had a suggestion:




Hi Mark,


One way of upgrading the firmware on the 1/10Gb Ethernet module is to use the Virtual Connect Support Utility, version 1.5.2, but this utility runs on a Windows client PC, e.g. XP, Vista or Windows 7.


It is a command line driven utility but you need Windows to run it.  It can be downloaded from here:


It is an "MSI" file, so in Windows, just double click it, and it will install.  As part of the installation, the installer will create a Program Group called Hewlett-Packard and a sub group called Virtual Connect Support Utility which you can access by clicking on Start -> All Programs.


The utility does not actually have the required firmware file, so you will need to download that separately.  That can be downloaded from here:



Be aware that if there are any VC-FC modules which need to be upgraded, you will need to disable the McAfee firewall that comes with the HP Windows COE.  Sounds like this is not an issue for you because you have Brocade 4/12 switches instead.




Does anyone have any comments on this? Or any recommendations on how else I may be able to update these Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet interconnects?

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Re: Updating Firmware on HP Virtual Connect 1/10Gb Ethernet Modules

Mark however was not talking about the Virtual Connect Ethernet module:




It was my understanding that the VCSU utility was used to update FW on Virtual Connect modules only. Is that not the case? The Ethernet module I need to update is a "HP 1:10Gb Ethernet Module". This module is not VC.




And Lawrence replied:




Hi Mark,


Apologies - I had incorrect assumed you are talking about VC modules.


The switch that you are referring to, is the 438031-B21 HP 1:10 Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch.


The firmware can be found here, but not being a HP-UX person, I don't know how it can be applied if using HP-UX:






Any other comments or suggestions??