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Using Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules with older blades

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Using Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules with older blades

Nick had a VC FlexFabric compatibility question:




Many humble apologies and sorry to spam all with this,  but can someone confirm my understanding of how VC FlexFabric will behave with older blades;


  • With G7 same as G8 I.e. 3 x NIC and 1 x multi-function (NIC, iSCSI or FCoE) per CNA
  • With G6  they will get 4 x NIC per LOM, NO FC. (i.e. Flex-10 functionality with the FlexFabric module)
  • With G5 and older 1 x 1GB NIC per LOM


Also, my understanding is that on G6 the LOM is hard-wired, so cannot be swapped for a CNA. If they want VC FlexFabric functionality they will have to get a Mezz. Card and VC FlexFabric modules for the relevant interconnect bays.




Reply from Hoa:

You are absolutely correct.   Additionally, G7 and Gen8 FlexFabric Mezz. functionally equivalent but are not interchangeable between G7 and Gen8 due to new Gen8 Mezz. connector.


And from Dave:

Also remember it can depend on the NIC installed.


The NC3xx series is a dual or Quad 1Gb NIC.

The NC5xx series is dual 10Gb Ethernet, iSCSI and some include FCoE FlexNIC.

The NC6xx series will be the new 20Gb FlexNICs.


Also info from Dan:

And with some particular 1Gb NICs on the G1/G5 models you might end up with 2.5Gbps instead of 1.0Gbps.

I think it was the NC373i

I always remember it was 1 of the 2 NIC chipsets used in the BL480c G1.  So that model you ended up with 2 x 1Gb and 2 x 2.5Gb when you use a 10Gb Interconnect.




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