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VC Ethernet module in bay 5-6 only?

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VC Ethernet module in bay 5-6 only?

We currently have a C7000 enclosure with 2 Cisco 3020 switches in bays 1-2 and B-Series FC switches in Bays 3-4.  Can I install a VC Flex-10 Ethernet module in bays 5-6 only?  I am looking through the installation guide and I do not see that configuration listed in the supported configurations. 


So it would look something like this


[Bay 1] Other/empty [Bay 2] Other/empty

[Bay 3] Other/empty [Bay 4] Other/empty

[Bay 5] VC Ethernet [Bay 6] VC Ethernet

[Bay 7] Other/empty [Bay 8] Other/empty


We have all half-height blades and the only servers that would be using the VC Ethernet module would have NC532m or NC542m mezzanine cards on the 2nd mezzanine slot.