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VC Flex 10/10d installed transcievers

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VC Flex 10/10d installed transcievers

Not sure this is the right forum. If not I do appologize. I will appreciate any help, directing me to the right location, or with the issue itself.


Working with c7000 enclosures. Loaded with 2 vc flex modules. I try to generate a printout that includes the installed transceivers, preferably incl port, serial numbers, type. I try to generate BEFORE importing the enclosure information in the VC manager. Tried via OAM, via the VC web manager, via a putty ssh session, and via the VCSU. Latests gives me most hope, because it accepts some instructions without the prior import. But still no joy.


Any help is highly appreciated



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Re: VC Flex 10/10d installed transcievers

I am not sure you can get that level of detail with the SFP's.  The VCM CLI command "show uplinkport *" seems to provide the most data.  A couple of examples:



ID : enc0:2:X2
Enclosure : C7k_Enc00
Status : Linked (Standby) (1Gb/Full)
Type : SFP-RJ45 (external)
Speed : Auto/Auto
Used By : .220_net
Label : X2
PID LED State : green
LAG ID : -- --
Connected From : -- --
Connected To : -- --


ID : enc0:3:1
Enclosure : C7k_Enc00
Status : Logged In (8Gb)
Type : -- --
Speed : Auto
Used By : SAN_Sun2540_A
Label : 1
PID LED State : -- --
LAG ID : -- --
Connected From : 20:11:00:11:0A:00:87:01
Connected To : 10:00:00:C0:DD:30:68:8A




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