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VC Flex 10Gb/24 Active/Active multi enclosure Network Issues

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VC Flex 10Gb/24 Active/Active multi enclosure Network Issues


We have a problem with Traffic Flow for some VLANs, in particular for hypervisor management VLAN (separate downlink) and heartbeat and live migration VLANs (another downlink) – one part of hosts in these vlans is available and other is not available.

Our equipment:

2x C7000 chassis with 4x 10Gb FlexFabric 24 port modules, 9x BL460c Gen8 and 6x BL460c Gen9 servers, HP 7506 + 3Com S7906E IRF, 1x VC Domain

BL460c Gen8 have HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 554FLB Adapter

BL460c Gen9 have HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 536FLB Adapter

Blade Servers OS is Windows Server 2012R2

VC configuration:

1. VC Firmware version 4.30

2. Stacking Links:

enc0:Bay1:PortX1-2 – enc1:Bay1:PortX1-2

enc0:Bay1:PortX7-8 – enc0:Bay2:PortX7-8

enc0:Bay2:PortX1-2 – enc1:Bay2:PortX1-2

enc1:Bay1:PortX7-8 – enc1:Bay2:PortX7-8

3. Shared Uplink Sets (all VLANs):



4. Ethernet Adapter Connections for servers:

LOM1:1-a => Bay 1:dx:v1 (Multiple Networks, mgmt-1)

LOM1:2-a => Bay 2:dx:v1 (Multiple Networks, mgmt-2)

LOM1:1-c => Bay 1:dx:v3 (Multiple Networks, data vlans-1)

LOM1:2-c => Bay 2:dx:v3 (Multiple Networks, data vlans-2)

LOM1:1-d => Bay 1:dx:v4 (Multiple Networks, HB-1, LM-1)

LOM1:2-d => Bay 2:dx:v4 (Multiple Networks, HB-2, LM-2)

The adapter pairs are teamed with switch independent dynamic configuration after Hyper-V role installed. When disable one adapter in the pair in OS, traffic doesn’t flow by second path (failover is absent)

5. Ethernet Networks:

  • Private: Disabled
  • Smart Link: Enabled
  • Native: Disabled


->show status
Overall Domain Status : Normal : The domain is fully functional.

Status Cause : All enclosures and profiles are normal in domain

Critical : 0
Major : 0
Minor : 0
Warning : 0
Informational : 0
Unknown : 0

IRF ports to SUS are aggregated independently for each SUS and have hybrid link-type with all vlan tagged and stp edged-port enabled

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Re: VC Flex 10Gb/24 Active/Active multi enclosure Network Issues

The problem has been discovered in the duplicating mac-addresses on one of blade servers' ethernet adapters.

This occured, because new servers BL460c Gen9 were administered one by one with dynamic ip-address by default for first time, and therefore interface with identical ip-address (DHCP lease time is one day, therefore on the next day DHCP can give same address to another host, if lease was not update) may receive same mac-address from Hyper-V MAC-addresses Pool.

It is possible to close the topic, thanks.