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VC-FlexFabric scripting to configure 3PAR flat-SAN

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VC-FlexFabric scripting to configure 3PAR flat-SAN

David was looking for some VC-FlexFabric Direct Attach scripting examples:




Does anyone have (or can point me to) any sample scripts to configure the VC FF side of 3Par flat-SAN? Looking for any examples to get a head-start for a new 3Par customer. Thanks in advance.


Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.




Dan had some info:



Page 34


Includes example on page 35


add fabric MyFabric5 Bay=3 Ports=1,2 Type=DirectAttach

Which IMHO is a bad example since Flat-SAN currently only works on FlexFabric which is usually Bay 1 or 2



add fabric FlatSAN_A Bay=1 Ports=1,2 Type=DirectAttach

add fabric FlatSAN_B Bay=2 Ports=1,2 Type=DirectAttach




Any other input for David?