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VC SAN FC migration


VC SAN FC migration


i am facing an issue, after migration of FC SAN to new SAN switch, all paths from this VC are down. 

Previously  there was on SAN switch and two FC cables from C7000 VC-Flex (VC-A and VC-B)  were connected to single SAN switch. now we have installed new Brocade SAN switch and connected VC-A to new envrionment. we have also connected P2000 to this new san switch, All ports on VC, P2000 and SAN switch  are up and running, but the servers are unable to see the storage.

we are using VMware-vSphere 6.u2, i have re-scanned HBA, and also did reboot for one of the server but no-success. 

vSphere displays "Dead" for datastore, 

  1. Can i reboot VC from CLI/GUI?
  2. How do i know which VC paths are not working ? so it needs the reboot.