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vc stability issue

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vc stability issue

Hi, having issues with vc. Vc firmware 2.32, OA 2.60 4 stacked c7000's single vc domain and 16 bl495c g5 blades per enclosure. Installed os on 6 blades in one c7000 (bays 1-6) and assigned profiles and networks. After a few days, moved 3 blades to another enclosure (bays 1-3) after creating same profiles on the target bays, powering off all the 16 blades in the target enclosure to allow for some blade reshuffling, shutdown the blades and reboot in the new bays.

After all that observing networking issues:some blades only detecting one nic out of the two. Some detecting both but unable to ping other hosts. Tried server reboot without success. Now very slow vc mgr operations, gui hangs up. One blade does not show the serial number in the oa/vc screens.

Are there best practices when moving around blades? What is the correct procedure to bring back the situation to normality? If resetting the vc modules is required, how do we do that?


thank you