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VCEM and DCC and ESX 4.01

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VCEM and DCC and ESX 4.01

Ken had a customer issue with DCC and VMware:



Hi  all,


Is it possible to get VCEM to be able to modify a FlexNic Bandwidth of a server running ESX 4.01 without shutting down the server.


VCEM seems to always demand that the server be shutdown before the profile can be changed.




Insight Dynamics : 6.02

HP Insight Software 6.0 with update 1 and patch kit

VCEM 6.01

BL460c G6

                System ROM I24 01/14/2010

                Blade firmware from Version 9 of SmartStart

                ILO 1.81

OA Version 3

VC 2.32

ESX Broadcomm driver downloaded 2.0.7c


I understand the issues with the Power off DCC state but my question is can we demonstrate DCC today from VCEM.


Vincent had a solution:


Yes, VCEM can change the speed of a FlexNIC without powering off the server if the Broadcom firmware and driver are up-to-date. I don’t know what exactly is included in “Blade firmware from Version 9 of SmartStart” but the driver version you quote looks wrong: 2.0.7c is for 1Gb Broadcom NICs. For Flex-10 Broadcom NICs you want this one



And then Ken replied:


Hi Vincent,


Perfect. Once I downloaded the correct driver it worked.


Thanks for the reply.



Good to go. Have you been using DCC and Smartlink?