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Viewing VirtualConnect information (bay/port) in SMH/NCU

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Viewing VirtualConnect information (bay/port) in SMH/NCU

I'm trying to setup a group of blades - I've gotten all the physical and VC networking taken care of, but now I'm trying to setup the software side (Windows 2008R2 and Hyper-V Server 2008R2).  I'm going crazy trying to correlate which Windows Network Adapter corresponds to which FlexNIC.  I started looking at MACs, but that is a headache and when you use Teaming it starts showing fake MACs so it becomes difficult to tell which switch your connection is active on.


Basically I need to know which Adapter goes with which FlexNIC so I can setup fail-over (I don’t want to saturate my stacking connections, so I want all my blades to use the same switch unless there is a failure ). Somehow, on one of my servers, the Bay and Port # the FlexNIC is plugged into shows up next to each adapter in the SMH and NCU.  I have no idea how I did this but it is massively helpful.


I used the Intelligent Deployment tool and ran SUM on my other servers just like the first but they all show “Bay 0 Port 0” next to each NIC.