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Virtual Connect and Cisco 6120xp


Virtual Connect and Cisco 6120xp

Can someone tell me if there is an interoperability guide, best practices document that states that I can connect a virtual connect (flex fabric & flex10) to a cisco 6120xp.  If there is no such doc can someone tell me if it even can be done, I can’t really see why not.


I am plan on breaking the FCOE out of the FlexFabric before the 6120 so I all I will be doing is passing the Ethernet to the 6120. IE no need for mulit hop FCOE… yet  



PS i will be using SFP+ fiber so no need to worry about any DAC drama!




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Re: Virtual Connect and Cisco 6120xp

Pure Ethernet should run just fine. Make sure if you use LACP that the 6120 is in Short (1 second mode) as opposed to Long (30 second) mode.

I know there were issues on the FC side and they are supported in 3.70 with the 5000 and 5500 series Nexus (@ 8GB which is what was broken before) but I don't know if that includes the 6100/6200 FI equivalent.