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Virtual Connect and LAG groups

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Virtual Connect and LAG groups

Svilen was looking for some Link Aggregation (LAG) info:




Hello Team,


I hope you can help me here. I`m not a network expert, so please excuse me if I ask silly questions.

A bit about the configuration we have:

C7000 + BL 460c gen 8 + FlexFabric 10/24 modules + OneView 1.05

Each of the FlexFabric Modules has 2 ports connected to switch A and B. We have SUS in which the first module is Active and the second one Standby.

Basically this configuration:




My question is: Is there any difference how the modules uplink ports are configured in regards to the LACP groups(LAG).

Specifically – is there any kind of guidelines whether or not the two interconnect modules should be in the same LAG.




Input from Dan:




LAGs should always be tied to VC modules.


So if you create a Cisco PC or vPC with 2 members, both of those member ports should terminate in the SAME VC module.

Then for a 2nd VC module, they would need another, separate, LAG/PC/vPC.


With vPC on the Nexus Switches, there is no problem with using 2 different Nexus Switches on the upstream side as vPC makes them look like 1 switch.


Attached are some drawings I did for a customer of mine.

ActivePassive seems to match your config, at least the picture anyway.

Ignore the words “Upper” and “Lower” as this customer had a stacked pair of c7000s.  For a single chassis you just have Left vs Right VC.