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Virtual Connect and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Question

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Virtual Connect and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Question

Steve had a network link aggregation quetion:




Hello team,


I am working on 2 C7000 Enclosures Stacked with VC Modules in Bays 1 and 2 in each enclosure running FW 3.15


The customer is has 6, 1Gb uplinks in each module on both enclosures


The customer is asking about creating a 4 port LACP with multiple vlans from  an uplink port on each of the  modules (ie Enc1 Bay 1-X1, Enc1 Bay 2–X1, Enc2 Bay1-X1, Enc2 Bay2-X1).  If I remember correctly, you cannot create LACP across different VC modules, is that correct?


Does ME stacking change the rules of Active/Passive between the modules in Bay1 and Bay2?

This is a very difficult environment I am working in and I know this is not an optimal solution, so I am trying to be as flexible as possible.


Thanks for any assistance




Oliver helped:




Hi Steve,


Here are the key points:


  1. To get active/active configuration you need to have different vNets. The VC FlexFabric cookbooks gives you more details on this.
  2. Once you have setup multi enclosure stacking (MES) you have created a single logical switch. So each blade can use every uplink on any VC module.
  3. MES allows you to have one LACP trunk (e.g. vNet1) in enclosure 1/bay 1 and a separate LACP trunk (e.g. vNet1b) in enclosure 2/bay 2. An example is described on page 10 of the Virtual Connect Multi Enclosure Stacking Guide. So this allows you to save cabling. Please make sure that you have enough bandwidth for the stacking links. You don’t need uplinks on every VC module.



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