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Virtual Connect and Nortel 8300 switch questions?

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Virtual Connect and Nortel 8300 switch questions?

Raju had a Nortel switch configuration problem:




Hoping you could help me with below query.


One of my customer has VC Ethernet module and have configured SUS-B with 4 ports and 2 are connected to one Nortel 8300 switch and another 2 are connected to another Nortel 8300 switch and Network guys say they have configured virtual Switch.


From VC, what I see is 2 ports are in Active/Active state and other 2 are in Standby , I see 2 ports having same LAG ID and other 2 have different LAG ID.


So  I am not sure where the problem is, I would like to have all 4 ports (2 connected to 1 switch and other 2 to another switch) to be in single SUS with all Active/Active.


Network Guy says

>>> .I have got CORE1 (PORT 2/26,2/28) and CORE2(PORT 2/14,2/19) configured as LAGroup 13 going to SUS B








Input from Dave:




                You can only have all A/A when uplinks go to the same switch in an LACP or they are using a Nexus switch that supports vPC or HPN that supports IRF.

From the 1st picture ports x1 & x5 go to the same switch 00:1f:0a:00c0:00 with an LACP group(27).

The other two go to …0c:40:00. They do not have a correct LACP configuration as they have two different LAG #s 24 & 22. This LACP on the switch will need to be correct to have one LAG number.


We cannot create an LACP across bay1 and bay2. The only way to do this, is if the Nortel can create an LACP like vPC or IRF…




And input from Dan:




I believe the statement “they have configured virtual switch” is saying they have in fact activated the Nortel version of vPC/IRF.

Juniper I believe calls it Virtual Chassis.


I don’t know if it can be configured on Nortel, but make sure they are using Short (1 second) LACP timers and not Long (30 second) ones.

VC does not yet support long timers.


Past that, I would verify what the Network admins are saying that all 4 ports are in the same LAG on their side.

Might also ask what type of LACP they are using like Active/Passive and Hash/Load balancing policy if not default.




Other thoughts or suggestions?