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Virtual Connect CLI "access denied" error

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Virtual Connect CLI "access denied" error

Francisco had a Virtual Connect question:




I have issue where the customer said he has 2 virtual connect modules in active/inactive mode… He says that when he goes and tries to access the inactive module from the IP in Internet Explorer it takes him to the active modules IP and he said this is normal to them… I asked him if he was sure if they are not active/standby or active/active and said no they use active/inactive…


The issue they are having is when they try to connect to the “Inactive” module from CLI they get an "access denied" error in putty.


Does anyone have any ideas? I am not familiar with active/inactive mode…




Info from Vincent:




“Active/Active” and “Active/Standby” typically refer to the way you design the network uplinks in Virtual Connect. This has nothing to do with which module is “active” for the management function, VCM, we typically call it the primary module, the other being secondary. Anyway with the GUI it’s easy to send an HTTP redirect to the primary module when you hit the secondary. No such thing for SSH so the CLI just tells you the IP address of the primary module and doesn’t let you in.


If they want a single IP address to connect to VCM regardless of which module is primary, have them look at the Domain IP Address feature.




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