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Virtual Connect configuration clone

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Virtual Connect configuration clone

Andy had a Virtual Connect fail-over question from a customer:




I have a customer that has a 7000 enclosure with only  one VC flex 10 installed and he is ready to add the second one in bay 2 but it was configured before and removed. They have made domain config changes since then and are on the same firmware version. I’m trying to confirm that the active/surviving VC domain config will clone to the VC unit being added?


Thanks in advance,




Mark replied:




The VC Domain configuration that is currently stored in Flash on VC Flex-10 in Bay 1 will be replicated to the VC Flex-10 in Bay 2 when it is installed since it will be automatically integrated into the current Active/running VC Domain.

Any configuration parameters be will pushed to the VC module in Bay 2 such as “SNMP Settings”, MAC Cache Failover, networks, etc. If it is necessary that a CLI-Reset be issued to Bay 2 before that configuration is set, VC Domain that is running on Bay 1 will take care of that.


I would always suggest doing a Backup of the VC Configuration before installing any new modules.




Any other comments for Andy?