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Virtual Connect-Enet to VC-Flex-10_important

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Virtual Connect-Enet to VC-Flex-10_important

Pedrag had a customer question:




Can someone help and advise me hot to upgrade c7000 from VC-Enet to VC Flex-10


Customer has VC-Enet modules in bay 1 and 2 and configured domain, FW version 3.10 In bays 3, 4, 5, 6 they have VC-FC 8G 20 modules with 1.41 FW


On the front they have BL860c i2 in bays 1 and 2 and BL860c in bay 3


Now they want to replace VC-Enet with VC-Flex 10 and to upgrade whole chassis with all modules and servers.


What is best way to do that, since they have bulit domain and servers with important applications?




Input from Chris:




The only way to perform a module upgrade when they are the VCM modules is to delete the domain and re-create it with the newer Flex-10 modules.  We do not have a process that would allow one to hot migrate VCM modules.  If they were slave modules, it could be done.  But your customer will need to take these systems offline.




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