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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) & VC 3.51 Firmware

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) & VC 3.51 Firmware

Greg had a customer question:




A customer of mine is using VCEM 6.3. All their domain groups are a single domain. Currently they have all enclosures at VC 3.15. They have a brand new enclosure at VC 3.51 they are trying to set up in its own domain group but, it won't let them. I know you can have multiple enclosures in a domain group and set the base firmware version but, can you make a new domain group with an enclosure that is at VC 3.51 when VCEM doesn't support that high of a version?


VCEM 7.0 doesn't support VC 3.51 either. From last week's VC 3.70 Deep Dive it was shown that a future version of  VCEM will support VC 3.5X and 3.60 but it won't be until later this year. Is there a way to get VCEM 6.3 to allow a brand new enclosure at VC 3.51 with it being the only enclosure in the domain group? If not, is my only choice to downgrade the VC to 3.15 in the new enclosure?




Reply from Fred:




There's no downfall or issues to have VCEM 7.0 managing an enclosure running VCM 3.5x. This is supported by VC and VCEM compatibility mode described below.


VCEM 7.0 predates VC 3.51. The latest VC Group Firmware Mode supported by VCEM 7.0 is 3.3x. Table 5 and the bullet beneath it on page 28 of the VCEM 7.0 User's Guide here: describes the behavior.


When VCEM 7.0 creates a domain group and the first domain used to create the group is running VC 3.5x, the compatibility logic in VCEM and VC cooperate so that the VC domain will assume a firmware mode of 3.3x. This way VC 3.51 behaves like a VC 3.3x as far as the features it allows to be enabled. The compatibility mode feature provides customers more flexibility in planning their VC and VCEM upgrade paths.


Greg's correct that the first release of VCEM that will support VC 3.5x features will be a later version of VCEM. This is targeted for 2012. After upgrading your VCEM installation to the new version, you'll have the option of upgrading the group firmware mode of your domain group to 3.5x and taking advantage of the new VC features contained in 3.5x.




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