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Virtual Connect Expanded VLAN capacity

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Virtual Connect Expanded VLAN capacity

Kristie had a customer question:




I have a customer who has upgraded to VC FW 3.60 and has Flex-10 Enet Modules who is ready to take advantage of the *Expanded VLAN capacity* for more VLANs per domain.


Does anyone know what impact will be seen on the VC Domain when he goes from Legacy to Expanded mode?

          VC reset? Whole domain? Outage?




Info from Mark:




When you select Expanded VLAN Capacity, it lifts the old limits of 320, that is it.

It doesn’t reset VCM, the Domain, current VLANs, etc, it simply allows for more to exist (to be created).


It also prevents 1/10 and 1/10-F from being added to this Domain later, they are unsupported.