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Virtual Connect FIBER issue

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Virtual Connect FIBER issue

John A was looking for VC configuration help:




Has anyone seen this the customers saying VC is not setup right.






John B replied:




Looks good to me.


Make sure they have FC SFP’s in the ports on Bays 3&4, I’ve run into this many times that they have Ethernet SFP’s plugged in. The FC SFP’s should have 2GB,4GB or 8GB written on them not 1GB or 10GB.


Do their switches  have NPIV enabled on the ports connected to the VCFC ports?


What type of SAN switches are they? Some older switches or old firmware on the switches don’t work with VCFC.




John A answered:




Problem solved they needed to enable the ports on the SAN director, they also had some Fiber cables which were crossed with transmit and receive.




Comments or other input? Is this a common problem with cables?