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Virtual Connect Fiber Modules - Access Gateway Mode

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Virtual Connect Fiber Modules - Access Gateway Mode

Ron had a question when his customer added some 8Gb VC-FC modules.



I have a customer who has recently moved from the 4GB Virtual Connect Fiber modules to the 24-port 8 Gb VC fiber modules.  They are concerned because within Brocade Fabric Manager, the 8Gb modules show they that they are in "Access Gateway" mode.  The 4 Gb modules do not show this.  They are looking for how to turn this off.


It is my understanding that:

1) Access Gateway mode in the 4Gb and 8Gb VC modules both signify that NPIV is enabled.  So AG mode is expected to be enabled.

2) what Brocade Fabric Manager displays is meaningless since VC modules should only be managed thru VCM.


Are my assumptions correct?  Anything that I am missing?


Alex replied:


VC 8Gb 24-port module is based on Brocade's hardware, whereas 4Gb module is not. It is possible that because it is based on Brocade's hardware some of the SNMP parameters that are being discovered by DCFM indicate that it in Access Gateway mode.


I would say that what DCFM is displaying is meaningless and purely cosmetic.



Are you seeing the same thing? Suggestions or opinions?