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Virtual Connect Firmware Update Advice required: Version 1.21 to latest.

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Virtual Connect Firmware Update Advice required: Version 1.21 to latest.

Dave was looking to help a customer in doing a firmware upgrade:




Can anyone help my colleague:

“I will soon be upgrading the Firmware in a C7000 Chassis containing BL460c G1 Blades.

All components are to be upgraded, ie, Blades, VC, iLO and OA.


I some questions relating to the VC upgrade.


Here is the current VC info:

Bays 1 – 4:

HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Modules 399593-B22, all are Firmware version 1.21
Bay 5:
HP 4Gb VC-FC Module 409513-B21, Firmware version 1.11

Bay 6:

HP 4Gb VC-FC Module 409513-B21, Firmware version 1.10


The Compatibility Matrix states for Release Set 2010.10 that VC firmware 3.10 should be used, but there is also firmware version 2.34.

Should I use 2.34 or 3.10?


Using VCSU 1.51, do I update Module 1 first and work through to Module 6, or vice versa?

If physical resets are required after the update to invoke the new firmware, again should I start at Module 1 or Module 6?

(I seem to also recall reading somewhere that you should remove the Modules for 2mins, then re-insert and leave for 15mins for the Domain to settle down?)


Any advice most welcome.”




Andrea provided some advice:




Hello Dave


For the 2.34/3.10 matter from what I can see there’s no more 2.34 but only 3.10 in compatibility matrix.

I think that 2.34 is only to maintain flash-less interface on VCs.


For the VC upgrade I suggest you to do some middle steps:

1)      VC-FC 1.11 should be included in VC Fw 1.24, So the first step is to align all to 1.24

2)      To go from 1.2x to 2.x it’s better to pass to firmware 1.34: the most stable of the 1.3x series

3)      Then  I don’t remember but I think it’s possible to go directly from 1.34 to 3.x but eventually if you encounter problems you can install 2.32 as another middle step upgrade.

Normally if you follow these steps you will not have any problems, otherwise some problems with VC-FC modules will create many time wasted.

Do all the updates directly connected to the OA (direct cable from OA to server to simple layer2 switch with no firewall –COE mcafee included- between)


During all the VC updates raise the level of the other firmwares step-by-step (OA, ILO2 and if you can also Blade BIOS fw)

Don’t go directly to OA 3.11 if you have VC 1.2x or 1.3x: upgrading the OA doesn’t takes a long time so it’s not a big problem compared to VC updates, do some middle steps like OA 2.52 and 2.60


Last but not least: the upgrade order depends on your infrastructure.

If you have all the network and FC connections redundant you can update the infrastructure online, but you have to understand the redundant nic pairs.


-          if you have teamed nic1 and nic3 (and nic4 with nic2) you should activate module 3,4,1,2

-          If you have teamed nic1 and nic2 (and nic3 with nic4) you should activare ethernet modules in a different order, like 1,3,4,2 (vertical way).

-          Fc modules are not a problem if you have redundant FC SAN, you can either do 5,6 or 6,5 watch out for MSL normally if there are backups they will be interrupted since TAPE does not have automatic MPIO like disks.





Any other advice or suggestions for David?