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Virtual Connect Flex-10 & Factory MAC's

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 & Factory MAC's

Steve had a question regarding Virtual Connect Flex-10 and MAC addresses:




Can someone quickly clarify some confusion?!


Can a Flex-10 LOM (460G6) be split into five FlexNICs if the VC domain is using factory assigned MAC addresses?


I would have assumed no – each FlexNIC needs a unique MAC – but I’ve seen a document that suggests yes! Does the Flex-10 NIC ship with eight factory assigned MAC’s per port? Or is it more clever than that?


Thanks in advance.





Scott had some info:




Hi Steve,


Per the technology brief "HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Technology: Convergence with Flexfabric components", page 9:



"You can use either Virtual Connect-assigned or default MAC addresses for FlexNICs. When using default MAC addresses, FlexNICs will still have unique MAC addresses. "




Hope this helps,




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