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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and Boot-from_SAN (BfS) question

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and Boot-from_SAN (BfS) question

A SAN Boot question from Kevin:




Yesterday we installed a C7000 with BL460C gen8 and FlexFabric modules. The only problem we had was that the ports configured as FC on the blades did not come up. The modules could be seen from the SAN switch but the blade ports could not.


We got round this by enabling the boot bios on the Emulex FlexFabric LOMs of the blades individually using ALT+E


This is VC3.51, I could not see anything relating to the BIOS in the FC section of the profile so it could be set via the profile. The only BIOS choice in the profile was for PXE BIOS in the Ethernet network section, as these are both FC or Enet ports I was wondering if this setting also affected the port if it was in FC mode.


I may be missing something simple, any ideas so I can change the profile.




Input from Vincent:

Check the box “Fibre Channel Boot Parameters” at the bottom of the FCoE HBA Connections section to pop up the frame that will let you configure the Emulex BIOS:




And more from Dan:

The FC ports on the sever will not come up and attempt to login to the fabric unless you either:

Enable FC BIOS (what you did)

Boot an OS with the FC drivers installed.  The driver init will scan the fabric.


If you had no OS, then it doesn't surprise me they couldn't see the WWN.

Next time just boot the HP ESXi 5 ISO and go 2 steps in where it scans for available drives.  That will trigger a fabric login as well and its only a 300MB ISO.




Other suggestions or questions?