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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and Cisco Nexus 5548

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and Cisco Nexus 5548

Rob had a Virtual Connect and Nexus question:






I’ve read through the latest Nexus and FlexFabric white paper, but have a quick question.

Can you directly connect a VC FlexFabric module into a Nexus 5548 ?

All of the examples in the white paper show it connecting through the 2232’s with vPC.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of going through the 2232’s vs directly to the 5548’s ?




Malcolm replied:




Yes, you can connect Flex-10 or FlexFabric directly to Nexus 5 or even 7Ks directly.  The advantage is the customer save money the higher up they connect (cutting Edge or Edge-FEX costs). And if you really want to save them money, sell them HP Networking! 


Below are a couple of examples of the updates. 





Example #2:






Good info! Any comments or questions??