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Virtual Connect FlexFabric domain stacking

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric domain stacking

Kim had a customer migration question:




I just need to have the following confirmed


A customer has two C7000 Chassis each with 2 x Cisco 3120 blade switches.


He would like to slowly move towards Virtual Connect FlexFabric and G7 servers


To initially save some money he wants to buy 2 x FlexFabric modules, and replace the Cisco 3210 switches. However, he will only install 1 x FlexFabric Module per c7000, and then interconnect them with 2 Direct Access Cables (DAC).




I know that 1 FlexFabric module is supported in a C7000, but what about 1 FlexFabric module in each and setting them up in a domain.




Vincent responded:




This config obviously lacks redundancy, but I don’t see why we wouldn’t support it, it seems to meet the VC rules.




Have done this sort of configuration? Let us know how it worked or other comments please.

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Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric domain stacking

As pointed out, this configuration does not take advantage of the c7000 redundancy features.      There are additional considerations however.


1.    Only LOM's 1 and 3 will be available for connectivity (since 2 & 4 map to IC bay 2).

2.   You will not be able to set up any usable NIC teaming  since all of your available NICs map to IC Bay 1.


If you are aware of this issues, and are ok with that, then your config will  work fine..