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Virtual Connect (LLDP Support as a transit Traffic)

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Virtual Connect (LLDP Support as a transit Traffic)

A question from Carlos:




Hello Team,


Do you know if LLDP Traffic can cross Virtual Connect from Servers (downlink) to Switches (Uplinks)? We are proposing a VAN solution with our IMC + VCM (VAN Connection Manager) to orchestrate Network configuration for VMs on the ToR Switch. This solution works perfectly with Standard Servers but we are migrating the environment to Blade Servers, We are evaluating if we go with Virtual Connect (+ HP OneView with the full features) or go with HP 6125XLG (with HP OneView “Lite”).


Thanks and regards,




Reply from Lionel:




Any 802.1D compliant bridge do not forward LLDP frames however SDN controllers usually send Broadcast version of LLDP (BDDP) in addition to LLDP frames, and like any broadcast frames, BDDP are forwarded by any devices including Virtual Connect.