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Virtual Connect Manager v4.01 questions?

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Virtual Connect Manager v4.01 questions?

Don had some VC v4.01 questions:




I received the questions below from a partner and having not played with VC 4.01, I am unable to answer his.  Could someone please help?


 I was just told that the new VC firmware no longer allows you to hard set max throughput per link.  We recall a checkbox on earlier firmware that could prevent port bursting if desired.  Is this a bug? 

In the past if you had 2 x 4GB Nics and 2 x 1GB Nics configured there was a checkbox allowing you to choose if you wanted bandwidth sharing.  The checkbox is gone. 


Also, you have to view the actual profile per blade to verify bandwidth limit settings because all nics read 10GB in the main screen rather than 4GB, 4GB, 1GB, 1GB.




Fred replied:




VC 4.01 allows admins to set a min (or preferred) speed as well as a max speed on enet connections. If needed, setting the min and max to the same value will mimic the old behavior. The server admin can configure connection speeds for a network on a profile within the bounds which the network admin has set for the network.