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Virtual Connect module default configuration Page # 11 SIG

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Virtual Connect module default configuration Page # 11 SIG

Hariam had a Virtual Connect question:




I am going through VC setup and installation guide. On page # 11 it talks about “Default module configuration”. This mode works without any domain configured and ports can be LACP to a single network. This all looks interesting.


Since I’ve not used this before, I would like to know if anyone has setup the default module configuration, and how to manage VC using this mode because there is no VCM. Is it similar to a pass-through mode?


Reference : (Page # 11)




Reply from Vincent:




There’s nothing to setup, that’s the point of that special startup mode. It exists to have basic connectivity for the blade servers before you start configuring VC (for a quick test, or because the person responsible for the VC setup is out on a training or whatever). As soon as you start configuring VC (by importing the enclosure in VCM), that special mode stops, you actually have a dialog box when you import the enclosure that tells you it’s going to cut off the network connectivity for the servers.