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Virtual Connect NO_COMM problem

New Member

Virtual Connect NO_COMM problem


we have a Degrade warning on all server profiles from yeasterday, when I checked the VC (enc1 bay1 VC FlexFabric 10/24) it shows "Overall status: No communication" and "OA communication status: Failed". the VC provide no comunication and all up-links are dead (Not linked), and in OA bay1 information I see: "Management IP Address: Unknown"

when I reset or turn it off and on again I see the following system logs:


2014-04-13T16:38:17+04:18 VCEFXTW21310070 vcmd: [ENET:enc1:iobay1:3004:Info] Enet Module power on
2014-04-13T16:38:44+04:18 VCEFXTW21310070 vcmd: [ENET:enc1:iobay1:3031:Major] Enet Module IP is
2014-04-13T16:38:59+04:18 VCEFXTW21310070 vcmd:last message repeated 2 times
2014-04-13T16:38:59+04:18 VCEFXTW21310070 vcmd: [ENET:enc1:iobay1:3023:Major] Enet Module state NO_COMM : Cannot communicate with component, Previous: Enet Module state UNKNOWN
2014-04-13T16:49:04+04:18 VCEFXTW21310070 vcmd: [ENET:enc1:iobay1:3031:Major] Enet Module IP is

it seems VC can not get the IP from OA using EBIPA, when I change the bay it get its IP and I can ping it again.


please help!