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Virtual Connect question on Active/Active configuration

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Virtual Connect question on Active/Active configuration

John had a customer configuration question:




Is this a supported config:


Customer wants an Active/Active configuration.




VC Bay-1                1 Uplink to core switch 1  and 1 uplink to core switch 2




VC Bay-2                1 uplink to core switch 2 and 1 uplink to core switch 1


We will team the nics. Example:  Lom1A and Lom2A


We hope to have 1 uplink on each VC module to be active and the other uplink to be standby. Reason for this is customer  wants a highly redundant config such that if VC Bay 1 would fail and core switch 2 fail at the same time or vice versa that he would still have connectivity.  They just want to design the most highly available network they can get with VC. I could not find any scenario in the cookbooks that show this.





Chris responded:




As long as the upstream switches support Multi-Chassis LACP (i.e. IRF, VPC, VSS, etc.), then the uplinks will form a LAG, and be in an Active/Active state.  We usually do not recommend that fan out design, as it really doesn’t offer that much of additional redundancy.  And, depending on the upstream LAG capabilities, it may hinder performance (i.e. VPC and VSS operate differently than IRF can cause performance differences.)






Anyone tried this and it works for them? Let John know please.