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Virtual Connect question - TXNOerrors and RXNOerrors

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Virtual Connect question - TXNOerrors and RXNOerrors

Artur had a customer question regarding Virtual Connect statistics:




I have a customer with errors in the TXNOerrors and RxNOerrors in the uplinks of Virtual Connect Flex 10 modules


Reviewing their configuration of the Cisco ports that are connected to the VC uplink, I found that they are trunking all the vlans that are being using in all the datacenter, more than 400, but in the chasis they are using only 60. They say that configuring all the VLANs in all the trunking ports then do not have to configure again in the future…(I do not like it!)


We configured a tunnel configuration in the Virtual Connect domain to use more than 28 VLANs per downlink.


Do you think that errors in the uplinks are being produced for the VLAN that are not being used in the chasis? Any other idea?    




Sharad was able to help:




Hi Artur,


TXNOerrors and RxNOerrors are port statistics and they do not represent any errors on the ports. The basically represent the number of packets transferred without errors. You can refer the below link of VC user guide for more details about other port statistics .   page 204.


TXNoErrors All packets transmitted without errors, less oversized packets.

RXNoErrors All packets received without errors, less oversized and undersized





Comments? Other help in this area?