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Virtual Connect - SAN Fabric Login Redistribution question

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Virtual Connect - SAN Fabric Login Redistribution question

A SAN fabric question from Reginald:




Good day! Can someone tell me, if you create SAN fabrics under Virtual Connect on your first setup and set the fibre channel “Login Re-Distribution” to manual but need to change it later to “Automatic”, can this be done on the fly? Will making this change in a production environment be disruptive or non-disruptive?




Input from Andrea:




Yes, on the fly is safe.


Changing the parameter does nothing itself in the immediate state.


Only affects redistributions in case of cable failure and return to functionality.


Of course if you have a pregressive unbalanced connections, the change of automatic redistribution of logins will rebalance server NPIV over FC uplinks after the defined wait time.


So if the FC uplinks are unbalanced, change the parameter to auto with some delay from a SAN Fabric to another, more than the wait time you have in general options "link stability" fabric settings, normally 30sec.